Our Sisters’ School is a small independent school in New Bedford, Massachusetts that values Excellence, Citizenship, Community, and Leadership. Their three-part SIA Empowerment Project focused on young humans, providing access to resources, and development of self and community.

Their largest project in partnership with Lead 360, “Our Hands to Yours,” focused on giving back to their community, impacting the lives of immigrants and refugees. Working with community partners like CVS and UMass Dartmouth, they created totes for the local Immigrant Assistance Center, which helps this marginalized community assimilate to their new lives in the United States.

Through all of their various projects, the Our Sisters' SIA team was able to impact over 10,000 lives and raise over $12,000 in resources. “As a team, we went from just doing things in our small school community to taking on international challenges. As a result, our skills have grown, and, individually, we have all stepped up to the plate in our own ways. As one team member said, ‘SIA has allowed me to express my thoughts and opinions and have them be valued rather than judged!’”